You will choose three U.S. presidents who have had a

You will choose three U.S. presidents who have had a substantial impact on
U.S. Foreign Policy toward the Middle East and provide a concise but thorough analysis
explaining the impact of each president’s policy in the region or at home. 

***Caution—You may not write on the Barbary presidents, since we have already covered this

Length: 5-7 double spaced pages not including additional pages for title and references.
You may write more pages if necessary.
 Format: Turabian
 Citations: At least 7 sources must be used and may include the course text, Bible, and
scholarly articles.
 Answer the following prompts below in a single document in any order you chose. (Do
not spend time telling me which president this was (1st, 16th, 22nd, etc.)
 What policies, presidential initiatives, or actions did your president create or support
in the Middle East region? Why and how were these important to USFP and
Americans generally.
 What were some of the longer-term consequences of his policy recommendations or
actions for America or states of the region?  
 Are his policy decisions still relevant to USFP today, and if so, please explain? 

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