You are a local law enforcement officer in your department’s

 You are a local law enforcement officer in your department’s juvenile unit. You get a call for service. The report is as  follows: 

A 16-year-old female has been reported for threatening her mother’s life. You arrive on scene and find the following: 

1. The mother reports that she was cooking dinner when her daughter threatened to kill her by saying, “You see this  knife? I am going to kill you with it.” 

2. The daughter admits to saying this and says, “Yes, I said it. I hate my mom.” 

3. There are no visible marks on either party.  

4. In looking into the family history with the police, you see that officers have been out to this residence 12 times in  the past year. You notice that one case dealt with the juvenile’s teacher. 

5. The mother tells you she wants her daughter out of the house. She tells you that her daughter has been in and  out of juvenile detention and the local psychiatric hospital.  

Based on this scenario, write a report with a minimum of three pages that addresses the following: 

1. What policing policies will impact the decisions you can make in this case? 

2. Discuss the importance of using problem-oriented strategies. 

3. How effective have problem-oriented strategies been? 

4. What factors will influence the decisions you make in this case? 

5. Discuss possible solutions to this case. 

6. Based upon this scenario, discuss the potential for juvenile waivers with this juvenile. 

7. What factors can influence whether a juvenile case is waived to criminal court? 

8. Based upon the research you conduct and the scenario, what is your decision regarding this juvenile? 

9. Evaluate the effectiveness of juvenile rehabilitation and treatment.  

Use APA style when writing your response; provide citations and references as require 

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