Word Document, Excel Worksheet, PowerPoint Presentation

Word Document

Create a Project Charter document listing the following in a table:   

Team Name

Team Members

Event title

  • Event location, date, and time (all made up)
  • Write a paragraph describing the health fair – include topics, purpose, people involved, This should be information provided as input from all team members
  • Excel Worksheet
  • Create a budget that includes both revenues you expect from the event (such as ticket sales, donations) and the expenses. Expense items include advertising, food, transportation, etc. The revenue and expenses you choose will depend on the plan for your health fair.
  • Make the required calculations to total all the revenue items and all the expense items.

Calculate the net profit (or loss) as the revenue minus the expenses.

Format the budget attractively using fill colors, borders, and other enhancements to make the data easy to read.

PowerPoint Presentation

Create a PowerPoint that consists of 5 slides and format the presentation attractively using the theme of your choice

  • Slide 1: Title slide includes the name of the event and your team members
  • Slide 2: Purpose of the health fair
  •  Slide 3: Location, Time, and cost

Slide 4: Chart showing a breakdown of costs (from the Excel document)

Slide 5: Motivational closing slide designed to encourage the audience to attend; include appropriate pictures

How to solve

Word Document, Excel Worksheet, PowerPoint Presentation

Nursing Assignment Help

As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, I have designed a set of tasks for medical college students. This particular assignment involves creating a Project Charter document, an Excel worksheet, and a PowerPoint presentation related to organizing a health fair. The aim is to assess students’ ability to plan and manage a healthcare event while demonstrating their understanding of budgeting, communication, and presentation skills.

To complete the assignment, students need to create a Project Charter document, an Excel worksheet, and a PowerPoint presentation. The details and requirements for each task are as follows:

1. Project Charter Document:
The Project Charter document should be presented in a table format and include the following information:
– Team Name: The name of the student’s team.
– Team Members: List all the members of the team.
– Event Title: The title of the health fair.
– Event Location, Date, and Time: Provide fictional information about the health fair’s location, date, and time.
– Description of the health fair: Write a paragraph that describes the health fair, including the topics covered, purpose, and individuals involved. This paragraph should be a collaborative effort that incorporates input from all team members.

2. Excel Worksheet:
Create a budget for the health fair that includes both revenues and expenses. Students should consider revenue sources such as ticket sales and donations, and expense items such as advertising, food, transportation, etc. The specific revenue and expense items will depend on the student’s plan for the health fair.
– Make sure to calculate the total revenue and total expense by summing up the applicable items.
– Calculate the net profit (or loss) by subtracting the total expenses from the total revenue.
– Enhance the budget’s appearance by using fill colors, borders, and other formatting features to make the data easy to read.

3. PowerPoint Presentation:
Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of five slides, using an attractive theme of the student’s choice. The content of each slide should be as follows:
– Slide 1: Title slide, which includes the name of the event and the names of the team members.
– Slide 2: Purpose of the health fair. Clearly explain the goals and objectives of organizing the health fair.
– Slide 3: Provide details about the location, time, and cost associated with attending the health fair.
– Slide 4: Create a chart that visually represents the breakdown of costs from the Excel worksheet. This chart should clearly present the different expense categories and their respective amounts.
– Slide 5: Design a motivational closing slide aimed at encouraging the audience to attend the health fair. Include appropriate pictures that align with the content and ambiance of the event.

By completing these tasks, students will demonstrate their ability to effectively plan and manage a healthcare event, develop a budget, communicate information, and deliver a visually appealing presentation. This assignment aims to enhance their practical skills and prepare them for future responsibilities in the medical field.

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