West Coast University Sampling Worksheet

This week, you will determine the sampling methods for your theoretical research study and create a formal questionnaire.

  • Restate the research question you have chosen.
  • Identify your sample population and brainstorm questions that will illicit clear responses from your population based on your study question.
    • Write 3–4 paragraphs about your sampling methods.
    • Create a formal questionnaire with 15–20 questions.
    • The questionnaire should contain a proper survey introduction. The introductory paragraph should provide information on the topic of the study, its purpose, and include a confidentiality statement.
    • Use at least three different types of survey questions in the questionnaire. Some of the most common types are: close-ended, rating scale, Likert-type, multiple choice, rank order, and open-ended. 

Expert Solution Preview

Introduction: For this theoretical research study, the research question chosen is “What is the impact of stress on the academic performance of medical students?” The study aims to investigate the relationship between stress and academic performance in medical students.

Sample population: The sample population for this study will be medical students from various colleges and universities. The study will focus on third-year medical students since they are at a crucial point in their academic career and are experiencing high levels of stress.

Sampling methods: The sampling method chosen for this study will be random sampling. This method ensures that each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected for the study. The data will be collected through an online survey, which will be sent to 500 randomly selected medical students.

Questionnaire: The questionnaire will have 15 questions that will help to determine the impact of stress on academic performance. The survey introduction will provide information on the study’s purpose and will include a confidentiality statement. The questionnaire will consist of close-ended, rating scale, and open-ended questions.

1. How often do you experience stress related to your studies?
2. How does stress affect your academic performance?
3. Do you seek external help to manage stress while studying?
4. Have you ever dropped out of a course due to stress?
5. How do you manage stress during exams?
6. Do you feel supported by your college/university when dealing with stress?
7. How many hours of sleep do you usually get during exams?
8. Do you feel that your academic workload is too much to handle?
9. Are you involved in extracurricular activities while studying?
10. Do you think stress has a positive or negative impact on your academic performance?
11. In your opinion, what are the best ways to manage stress while studying?
12. Have you noticed any physical or mental health issues due to stress?
13. Have you ever considered taking a break from studying due to stress?
14. Do you feel that stress has affected your social life while studying?
15. Do you think that your college/university should provide more resources for stress management?

By using a formal questionnaire with various types of survey questions, the study will gather comprehensive data to understand the impact of stress on academic performance.

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