West Coast Univeristy Pathophysiology Clinical Hypertension Case Study

Your presentation should follow a case study SBAR format (situation, background, assessment, and recommendations).

You must include three (3) different medical-based evidence and/or research recommendations.

  1. You must include at least three (3) scholarly sources in your overall presentation.
  2. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following slides:
  3. Introduction to the case or situation

Background detail

Clinical assessment

  • Recommendations
  • Application to future practice
  • Reference slide: At least three (3) scholarly references supporting your ideas.

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West Coast Univeristy Pathophysiology Clinical Hypertension Case Study

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Welcome to this assignment where we will be designing a PowerPoint presentation for a medical case study. The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of the case, analyze the background details, conduct a clinical assessment, and provide recommendations for future practice. Additionally, we will be incorporating evidence-based research and scholarly sources to support our ideas. Let’s begin!

Slide 1: Introduction to the case or situation
In this slide, we will provide a brief overview of the case or situation. It should capture the attention of the audience and set the stage for the rest of the presentation. Key elements to include:
– Title of the case or situation
– Brief summary of the patient’s condition or medical issue
– Relevant demographic or clinical information
– Objectives or learning outcomes for this presentation

Slide 2: Background detail
The background detail slide will provide context and relevant information about the case or situation. Some points to cover:
– Onset and progression of the patient’s condition
– Patient history (if available)
– Any relevant social or environmental factors
– Diagnostic tests or procedures performed
– Impact or implications of the condition on the patient’s life

Slide 3: Clinical assessment
In this slide, we will analyze the clinical assessment of the patient’s condition. It should include a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s symptoms, physical examination findings, and diagnostic results. Key components to cover:
– List the signs and symptoms
– Present the physical examination findings
– Discuss the results of relevant diagnostic tests
– Compare the findings with normal or expected values
– Identify any areas of concern or further investigation needed

Slide 4: Recommendations
This slide will focus on providing recommendations for the patient’s treatment or management based on the clinical assessment. It should incorporate evidence-based research and scholarly sources to support the recommendations. Key points to include:
– Medical interventions or therapies (e.g., medications, surgeries)
– Lifestyle modifications or self-management strategies
– Referrals to other healthcare professionals (if necessary)
– Potential risks or complications to consider
– Justification for the recommendations based on the research evidence

Slide 5: Application to future practice
The application to future practice slide will emphasize how the knowledge gained from this case study can be applied to similar scenarios in future clinical practice. Some areas to cover:
– Lessons learned from the case
– Discussion of best practices or evidence-based approaches
– Consideration of ethical or legal implications
– Strategies for promoting patient education and engagement
– Reflection on personal growth and professional development

Slide 6: Reference slide
The final slide will include a reference section with at least three scholarly sources that have been used to support the ideas and recommendations presented in the previous slides. Ensure to follow the appropriate citation format and include all necessary details (e.g., author names, publication year, title, journal or book details).

In conclusion, this PowerPoint presentation follows a case study SBAR format, providing a situation, background details, assessment, and recommendations. It also incorporates evidence-based research and scholarly sources to support the ideas presented. By analyzing the case, making appropriate recommendations, and reflecting on future practice, we aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of medical college students.

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