We need a Film Review Essay. We need to choose the film based on truth of avenue. As well as

We need a Film Review Essay.
We need to choose the film based on truth of avenue.
As well as, we need to select the best or greatest scene in the movie and talk about it.
We choose Gladiator to be the name of the film as well as, please find below the link of the greatest scene in the film.
Please you need to talk about the link in the whole essay and be the main thing in the essay.
In addition, we attached the Mind Map of the film, film terms and Film review. It is really important to read these two-word documents and understand them so you can apply them on the essay.
The film needs to be with the following directions:
1- 7 paragraph 5 lines in each paragraph
2- Plot summary; needs to be in the first pargraph and should be only two sentences no more. You can see that in the film terms and review documents.
the greatest scene in the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1UmHfWCw-4
the direction of the camera in exact scene.
4- The primary action; how the camera moves. Secondary action; characters how is move
5- Primary emotion; how the camera move. Secondary emotion; the camera follow the man
6- What is the film do effectively? What the questions about this film?
7- Type of film, film talk to center of your discussion, prominent stars of the film, the camera angle this side, one favorite scene., visual& audio combine music and images to get effect, script is the movement action expression of the characters in the film, casting why the film is very active, framing what the screen like look, juxtaposition, movement, directors, produce.

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