Unit 2 and 3 1. How are supply chain designs


Unit 2 and 3

1. How are supply chain designs classified

2. Factors influencing supply chain network design

3. Characteristics of forecasting and different types

4. Facility role

5. Facility location

6. Capacity allocation

7. Market and supply allocation

8. Develop a framework

9. Supply chain strategy

10. Regional facility 

11. forecast

Unit 5

1. Role of sourcing in the supply chain

2. Benefits of sourcing

3. Process of purchasing

4. Why do you want to outsource

5. Replenishment lead time how is it important in the decision to make an order

Unit 4

1. Modes of transportation

2. Design options

3. Direct shipment, milk runs, trade-offs

Unit 6

1. Characteristics of information

2. Supply chain drivers use of information

3. Macro processes

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