: This is the sheet that you will use to

This is the sheet that you
will use to write comments on the rough draft of another student from our
class. There are two important guidelines: first (and this probably goes
without saying):
respectful with your comments
. You will each be writing a set of comments and also will be receiving a
set of comments from another student, so you should write the sort of comments
that you would like to receive from someone else. But, at the same time,
you should aim at making constructive
. If all you do
is say, “This is a great essay, I really enjoyed reading it,” you aren’t
helping the writer find ways to improve it. So please follow the prompts below,
and try to write as much as possible in response to each one. Also, try to be
specific and cite some examples: rather than just saying, for example, “I
really liked the way you used quotes from the text,” try something like: “I
thought the way you used quotes in the first paragraph on page two was really
effective, because it helped the reader understand your argument a lot more
clearly.” Finally
please DO NOT make any comments about sentence-level issues like spelling, grammar,
punctuation, etc. These are important issues, but you should not be worried
about them yet at this stage; they will come later.

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