The five behavior that are particularly counterproductive to critical thinking


The five behavior that are particularly counterproductive to critical  thinking are: fear of failure, focusing on perfection, refusing to ask  for help, lack of confidence, sitting in low expectations.

Fear of failure-> Sometime in life I feel like  I’m not able to achieve my goals and because of that I get worried if  happen what other people will say about me.

Focusing on perfection-> Most of time I do get  addicted that anything around me need to be or appear to be perfect.  This focusing has become more as behavior in my life.

Refusing to ask for help-> In many situations  that I know that I can do one thing, I keep refusing to ask for help  because it’s felt like weakness. I struggle hard till I find the  solution but not asking for help.

Lack of confidence-> I believe this one of major  problems that humas deal today. In my case I felt the lack of confidence  when I was going for work interview. I was not feeling secure because I  have a strong accent and I was afraid that I was not good enough for  the position.

Sitting low expectations-> We all are dealing  with times that we doubt many staffs. When I know that I cannot fix my  nails by myself, but I keep trying again. So, think what the point is in  trying, it isn’t going to work anyway.

Five behaviors that are particularly counterproductive to creative  thinking are: fear of rejection, problem environment, impatience,  discouragement, fear of embarrassment.

Fear of rejection-> We must pretend many things  because we want to fit in same places, and we don’t like to have a fear  of rejection. For example, not receiving an invitation to classmate’s  party.

Problem environment->In environment that it gets  noise can get our creative juices flowing unlike silence and doesn’t put  us off like high levels of noise.

Impatience-> Sometimes when you are impatience  you hate to wait, and you don’t let the other person finish the  conversation and all this makes you counterproductive to creative  thinking.

Discouragement-> We’re taught to think of most  forms of creativity as unnecessary. We may even discourage it because it  “gets in the way” of productivity. In this way you cannot have a  positive feedback and discouragement.

Fear of embarrassment-> This is one of the  behaviors that I do really feel sometimes which is the fear of  embarrassment. For example, I must prepare myself when I go somewhere so  they do not catch me suddenly and feel embarrassed for the answer that I  must give.

Need a simple comment for both of these 


Critical Thinking

Dogmatism: In the first year of university, I and my two other  friends formed our group for the project. Each one of us had to propose a  concept of an individual house projecting, after that we should be on  the same mind to choose only one concept. We all worked hard but I was  too sure that I had the best proposal and it should be presented as a  final version. In the end, after discussing which proposal contained all  the spaces needed for the individual house, another project was the  best solution. I felt disappointed and I couldn’t accept it even though  it was really good and the professor immediately approved it as a  concept to go on with the final project. My mind was still on my idea  and I didn’t want to participate on finishing the project that was  chosen.

Impulsiveness: Five years ago, my American visa expired and I decided  to apply for renovation. So I had to renew my data. One of the most  important issues of form is the actual employed status. At that time I  had just left my job in another state and for vacation I want to visit  my sister here in America before starting a new job. My friend advised  me to find firstly a job than going on with the application. Without  caring that I was 99% sure to be refused, I applied as unemployed. After  one week my visa was refused by the Embassy. I risked a lot because it  is not good to have refuses in the visa application. Since then I have  less opportunity to get another chance and this only because I act with  impulsiveness.

Over dependence on authority and personal experience: When I worked  as an urban planner, I had to participate in different conferences to  represent the institution. My boss was a very strict person and in every  situation critical and knowing this facts for me was really difficult  to get involved in discussion with other member, because I was thinking  all of the time if I was talking in the right way as my boss would want.  For everything, at first I should ask him, in order not to give more  confidential information. I didn’t feel free to share my own ideas or  opinions.

Lack of Confidence: I always have had lack of confidence. Before  every test, I think I can’t do it, it is too difficult, I will fail,  even thought I have studied every single page. In the end I got maximal  grades. If I have to do a new step on my life, the first thing I think  is I can’t because I am not too good as others are.

Unwillingness to make an effort: I found a new job this year. After I  was accepted I was too energetic, felt good to do my best on my job,  but when I was presented with my office colleagues my desire to work cut  off. They were unfriendly, talked behind shoulders, and these things  made me unwillingness to concentrate on my works. I always stayed alone  and I worked just for inertia.

Creative Thinking

Impatience: This summer I bought a new scooter. My  boyfriend told me to wait for him until he would finish his work. I  couldn’t wait to try it. As soon as, the package arrived I opened, got  out all of parts than I tried to assemble them. I felt very proud and  creative that I made it. But when I got on the scooter to test it,  something went wrong. I hadn’t assembled it in the right way. My  boyfriend was angry because of my impatience and then together we had to  go to fix it.

Uncomfortable with having fun in public : For 25th  birthday my friend organized a party at a pub. She invited all her group  of friends and we were all together. Most of them I didn’t know and  even they were friendly, energetic I felt a little bit uncomfortable.  They sang loudly, dance careless pop music, which in fact is not my type  of having fun. Usually I am a quite person and celebrations like this  aren’t part of my creativity.

Being afraid of Failure: During university, I and my best friend were  too creative with our drawings and fashion illustration. We share the  passion for it and my friend proposed me to open a page where we would  post our illustration and by working more and more we could invest in  our business. The idea was fantastic I liked and I didn’t like at the  same time. We created some contact with other blogger girls but I  stepped to go on with it. I was afraid that I would pass a lot of time  taking care of this work and in a moment we would fail and for me it  would be very disappointing. I gave up, didn’t work anymore and this job  was interrupted only because I was afraid of failure.

Laziness: Every day I am facing with my laziness. Starting Health  Management class has made me losing my temptation to do other things.  Classes are going to be harder and I don’t have motivation anymore. I  feel lazy to do homework and if I sit to finish them, I find difficult  to take care of my housework for the rest of the day. That’s why I  postpone everything and in my day nothing can be creative.

Self criticism: Well, I am really self criticism. I had to do a  presentation projects. Even thought I had treated all requests, I again  thought that something was missing. I was stuck in this project  returning for a lot of time to the same request only because I was  thought that I could do better. In the end I lost my time being so self  critic.

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