The Cathedral Within by Bill Shore Maximum of two pages each


The Cathedral Within by Bill Shore

Maximum of two pages each on the above Required Course Materials. Do not write a book report; focus on what you learned from these books and how you will apply this knowledge to your team’s and/or the class’s project



Car Donating

Throughout the United States, some organizations rely on the donations of already used cars to champion a cause. Some might advertise in the local dailies. Therefore, to ensure that your car donation is channeled to a benevolent cause it is vital to know the different charitable car donation organizations in the country starting with the State of Maryland. 

In Maryland

In Maryland, different car donation organizations accept unwanted trucks and cars. One of the organizations that accept such donations in the region is such as Aid Our Veterans(“Maryland Car Donations”, 2021). The organization is a non-profit entity that focuses on assisting veterans that have no employment and the homeless. Therefore, the proceeds from the donated car(s) are channeled to providing the group of individuals with housing facilities, employment pieces of training, and placement assistance. 

Another organization in Maryland that supports car donation services is the Autism Society of America, based in Rockville, Maryland (“Maryland Car Donations”, 2021). The organization accepts the donation of cars and uses its proceeds to try and better the lives of autistic individuals. Other organizations in Maryland that accept such donations are such as, Baltimore Curriculum Project, Calvert Animal Welfare League, Epilepsy foundation, HonorBound Foundation, Howard County Conservancy, LOVEPAWS, and the Maryland SPCA(“Maryland Car Donations”, 2021). However, there are no specified numbers of cars that one can donate to such charitable organizations. 

Across the United States

Across the United States organizations that accept the car, donations are such as Kars4Kids, Purple Heart Car Donations, The Salvation Army, Charity Car Donation Center by Melwood, Charitable Auto Resources, and The Arc’s Car Donation Program (Donation Tips, 2019). These organizations accept car donations across the United States. However, just like those from Maryland, they do not specify the number of cars one can donate. 

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, one of the cars donating companies is the Charity Car organization that accepts old cars and in turn auctions them for a certain amount of money (Charity Car, 2021). The money is then channeled to a worthy cause chosen by the client. The causes can touch on children, rescue, international aid, animals, and the environment or healthcare.  

Japan Car Donation

Japan has a non-profit organization that one can donate cars to for a charitable course. For instance, the Transport Aid Japan limited company that donates donated cars to developing nations in Africa (Transport Aid Japan, 2019). The cars that are donated in the region are availed to assist the locals to provide their essential services such as transport easily in the region(Transport Aid Japan, 2019). However, the numbers of cars to be donated are not specified thus making it possible for one to donate as much as they prefer. Furthermore, the organization makes it possible to donate cars in African through cheap shipment fees. 


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