The business I picked is Ontario Improv Comedy Club. I


The business I picked is Ontario Improv Comedy Club. I picked this one because as I was browsing Facebook all I kept seeing were companies posting job openings and I came across this one, not to mention I just went to this place last week on a last-minute date night with my Husband on a great deal.

Advantages for this company doing

their promotion on Facebook is that they can sell unsold tickets at great prices

last minute. As I mentioned we went last minute last week. We ended up getting

the tickets for free and just ended up paying for service fees and taxes. The disadvantages

are not for them it’s for us. The fees and taxes came out to fifteen dollars,

but I guess that is not bad for two tickets. The other disadvantage is we had

to buy two items each at the facility, which was also a requirement to go. That cost

almost fifty dollars. I can’t complain too much it was a good night out with my


Some of the advantages of using social media for a business are: brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, website traffic, customer interaction, and target audience. Some of the disadvantages are: evaluation, ineffective use, resources, and ineffective use. (Social Media Best Practice for Business)

I think this strategy is great for Ontario Improv Comedy Club because it gets people to come to their club. It promotes the facility to the local and non-local community. It brings in business and it fills seats not sold and still brings in money because they put a minimal two-item limit on each person.

One thing to recommend would be? I don’t know that there would be a recommendation because as they offer free tickets for seats not sold at a great price, they still advertise upcoming comedians. They have some popular ones coming and that is a great way for promoting it brings people in and sales up. I think they could have used a chatbot for those who had questions or maybe use mobile tickets instead of call box tickets.

Social-media strategies- use chatbots, efficient content, jazz up your profile, use advocates, establish a social media budget, run a cross-channel campaign. And tell a story live. (Newlands, 2017)

Although I originally thought that the post was a difficult thing every week, I will say yes it was a learning experience for me. It gave us great topics and we had to have a minimum of two references which had us research our work. I liked this way of discussion. I preferred it compared to what should have been because I learned more this way. I enjoyed this class and learned a lot. I think this is the first time I gave all tens for my course evaluation. Thank you to the professor. As for some of us being pros, I don’t think anyone is a pro (no offense to anyone) I feel there is always room for everyone to learn, maybe that’s because I love to learn. 

Thank you to everyone and best of luck to all on your future goals.


Newlands, M. (2017, September 19). 10 social-media marketing strategies for companies. Entrepreneur. Retrieved December 10, 2021, from

Social Media Best Practice for Business. Advantages and disadvantages of using social media. (n.d.). Retrieved December 10, 2021, from 

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