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Please find instructions for paper below. Paper should be in standard APA formatting. 

Part 1- Choose ONE of the areas below:

Find the area that you have chosen below and be sure to include the points below the

area in your paper.


Describe the care/service provided by the healthcare professional.

  • Describe the limits of authority and responsibility and the legislated scope of
  • practice for this health care career.

Describe two or three of the “Code of Ethics” of your health care profession.


Describe the educational requirements for the profession.

  • Identify at least two different educational institutions offering the
  • program.

State how much time it takes to complete the program at each

  • institution.

Describe the approximate cost for each of the educational institutions.

  • What is the minimum degree or certification that can be earned for
  • this health care career?

Identify the required professional certifications or registrations

  • 2

HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 2023, DF)


What is the job availability for this profession?

  • How many jobs are expected to become available?
  • Growth trends in the field: How much is the profession growing?
  • Salaries – both entry level and with experience

Local, state, or national professional organizations and membership costs as a

  • student.

Professional journal and cost.

  • Are Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) required for this profession?
  • o How many and how often?

Part 2-Conduct an Interview

Conduct a personal “inner-view” with a Health Care Professional of your choice to learn

more about your chosen career. Please cite the name of your interviewee and their place

of employment.


Identify a health care professional in your chosen career. If you need help, reach

  • out to your professor.

Conduct an interview with the health care professional (in-person by phone or

  • virtually).

How would they describe a typical day at work?

  • What advice would they give you as you enter the profession?
  • Part 3- Reflection


Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession. What are your

  • attributes, experiences or influences?

Describe your personal career plan.

Expert Solution Preview

In this assignment, students are required to choose an area within the healthcare profession and provide a comprehensive description of the chosen area, including the care/service provided by the healthcare professional, limits of authority and responsibility, legislated scope of practice, and two or three “Code of Ethics” relevant to the chosen profession. Additionally, students need to outline the educational requirements for the profession, identify various educational institutions offering the program, state the time and cost to complete the program at each institution, and determine the minimum degree or certification required. The job outlook and employment prospects for the profession, including expected job availability, growth trends, and salary levels are also to be discussed. Furthermore, professional activities such as membership in professional organizations and costs associated with membership, professional journals and cost, and the requirement of Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) are to be addressed. Finally, students are expected to conduct an interview with a healthcare professional in their chosen career, inquire about a typical day at work and seek advice for entering the profession. The assignment concludes with personal reflection on fitting into the chosen profession, considering personal attributes, experiences, and influences, as well as outlining a personal career plan.

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