Scenario You are a Drug Treatment Specialist for Wayne County,


You are a Drug Treatment Specialist for Wayne County, Michigan. You work specifically as the intake coordinator for the adolescent and adult drug and alcohol treatment programs. In order to develop and implement individualized treatment plans, you need to perform psychosocial assessments and other types of individual testing required by the courts. Before conducting these assessments, you need to thoroughly understand the normal/healthy developmental milestones that occur at 12-years-old until the end of life. Since you often have to explain these developmental milestones to the direct care staff you work with, you have decided to create a PowerPoint presentation.


In your presentation, identify and explain the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development milestones for the following age ranges:

Adolescence (ages 12-18)

Early Adulthood (ages 18-40)

Middle Adulthood (ages 40-60)

Late Adulthood (ages 60+)

Additionally, for each age range, describe the impact of drugs and alcohol on development.

Make sure your presentation is visually appealing with colors, graphics, and keywords. Use the notes section below each slide to write the details of what you would have said had you given the presentation live. This allows you to show your understanding and critical thinking skills to your instructor.


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