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A3. Individual reflection on the group presentation & Course: Please follow the indications below when submitting your coursework. Page 1 – Name of the group and country studied (Japan). Page 3 onward, content of the report, covering the following areas: 1. A short description of the content of the presentation, a justification for the way you organized it visually (200 words) 2. A critical review of one other presentation (Brexit-UK) The presentation you identify for review should be clearly identified with a picture; its strengths and weaknesses discussed in a detailed way and feasible strategies for improvement should be recommended. To guide your reflection, try to employ the marking criteria for the presentation as presented above (400 words)

3. A complete analysis of the data-set provided to you including at least the following network metrics/analysis (600 words) – data-set attached: USPTO_2012_1_proj_ RAR file. – company: National University Corporation Nagoya University o Structural holes/brokerage o Density and network level measures o Core-Periphery o Subgroups In this analysis you are expected to provide: o The value of relevant network metrics in the characterization of the structural properties of the network. o Their interpretation in relation to innovation and business theories as well the specific nature of the country you analysed (Japan) and the industry in which this company operates in. In analyzing the company assigned to you (National University Corporation Nagoya University), you are encouraged to compare your findings with the ones of other members of your groupR

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