reat job this week! You had mentioned the Drug Abuse

 reat job this week! You had mentioned the Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST), which I found interesting! I mentioned the DAST-10, which is a condensed version of the DAST, created by Skinner (1982). The DAST-10 has also shown promise as a substance abuse screening test. McCabe et al. (2006) had described that the DAST-10 has shown efficacy as a screening instrument for detecting more than just alcohol use within young Americans. It is beneficial to know how to administer this assessment properly, so the $75 fee for the module is appropriate. However, I’d like to ask additionally to Dr. Mendelson’s question: how many clinicians would be prepared? Would you like multiple clinicians to be trained on this, and if so, does the cost of the training modules increase? Are they one time use? 

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