Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 4 (Gender and Sexuality, chapters


Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 4 (Gender and Sexuality, chapters 11-12). Then answer the following questions.  

Follow the same format and instructions as on Assignment 1.  Note that some answers must be longer than others.

1. What factors have contributed to the modern shift in gender roles? Page 202-203

2. Discuss the evolutionary and socialization theories of gender differences. Page 203

3. Summarize the critical theory of power in relationships. Pages 203-205

4. Explain biblical feminism. Pages 205-206

5. Discuss Volf’s proposal for reconciliation as a solution to the gender role problem. Page 207

6. Explain the integrated view of gender differences. Pages 208-211

7. What do the authors say about the roles of women and men in family life? Pages 211-213

8. Discuss co-parenting. Pages 213-215

9. Describe the various historical shifts in attitude toward sexuality. Pages 217-220

10. Summarize the authors’ discussion of the origin of sexuality. Pages 220-222 

11. What do they say about the biblical perspective on sexuality? Pages 223-224

12. Discuss sexual wholeness in a broken world. Pages 225-232

13. Sexual identity has become a significant social and religious topic in our time. Summarize the various Christian views on this subject. Pages 232-234

14. Summarize the six guidelines given by the authors for appropriate sexual intimacy. Pages 234-236

The status for women summary notes is for reference use it if you need it.

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