Question 3 · RogerArmstrong (D.O.B. 1967-01-01) is an insurance broker


Question 3

· RogerArmstrong (D.O.B. 1967-01-01) is an insurance broker who has been very successful at his job in the last few years. 

· Three years ago, his only child, Victoria, was driving a car that was hit by a distracted driver. She and her husband were killed, and their 13-year-old son, Geoffrey, was blinded by the accident. 

· Roger and his wife, Isabella, adopted Geoffrey. Isabella quit her part-time job to care for him. 

· Isabella’s parents went through a nasty separation a few years ago and Rita moved in with Roger and Isabella. Isabella’s father’s (Michael) current location is unknown, but it is believed that he is living somewhere in the Baltic. 

· Isabelle cares for her mother, Rita, who lives with them. Rita suffers from dementia. The family doctor has signed a letter stating that she is dependent on Roger and Rita because of her impairment. Rita does not meet the residency requirements necessary to qualify for Canadian Old Age Security.

· In addition to his salary, Roger also earns commissions. His employer requires him to have an office in his home and has signed the form T2200 each year to this effect.

· In January 2018, Michael was arrested in Estonia. Isabella had to spend three weeks in Estonia before she could get him released from jail. 

· During this time, Roger paid Nannies on Call $5,000 for in-home help to take care of Geoffrey while Isabella was away.

· During the year, Roger’s employer reimbursed $4,000 for meals and entertainment with clients, $3,500 for hotels and $6,000 for airline tickets.

· Roger paid $800 for the care and feeding of Geoffrey’s seeing eye dog.

· During the year, Isabella and Roger made donations of $5,000 and $1,000, respectively, to the Seeing Eye Dog Society.

· During the 2018 taxation year, Roger paid for the following medical expenses for the following individuals:











New Glasses


















· Finally, Roger has a home office which is used exclusively for to earn income and approximately 1/5th of the house’s square footage is dedicated to the home office. During the 2018 taxation year, Roger incurred the following expenses:













Mortgage   Interest



Mortgage   Life Insurance



Property   Taxes


Required: Prepare the Roger’s 2018 income tax return using the Profile tax software program.



Isabella   Armstrong

Geoffrey   Armstrong

Rita   Johnson

Michael   Johnson


Date   of Birth











Roger’s T4 slip from his employer (Insurance Inc.) has the following amounts:


Box 14   $400,000

Box 22   $120,000


Box 16   $2,593.80

Box 42   $95,000


Box 18   $858.22

Box 46   $1,000

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