Quality and Safety in Healthcare Presentation & Essay

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A term paper, a PPT presentation, and a literature review about Title XXXII Chapter 456 Regulation of Professions and Occupations – Competency Standards for APRNs.

1- A term paper and a PPT presentation about Title XXXII Chapter 456 Regulation of Professions and Occupations – Competency Standards for APRNs.

2- PPT Presentation “Preventable medical errors.”

3- Poster Board Presentation. “Quality and Safety in Healthcare ” 

Conduct a literature review/research consisting of at least 3 scholarly articles (must be peer reviewed) regarding a recent health care legislation (within the past 5 years).

Describe what search engines you used, search terms employed, how many articles returned based on your search and how and why you chose those specific articles.

Synopsis should be 1 page. APA References on separate page. 


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Quality and Safety in Healthcare Presentation & Essay

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Title: College Assignments for Medical College Students

As a medical professor, I am responsible for creating college assignments and providing evaluation and feedback to medical college students. I design and conduct lectures, administer examinations, and assign projects to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge in the medical field. In this scenario, the focus is on creating assignments and answering specific questions related to healthcare legislation and topics related to healthcare practice.

Question 1: A term paper and a PPT presentation about Title XXXII Chapter 456 Regulation of Professions and Occupations – Competency Standards for APRNs.

Answer: For this assignment, students are required to research and comprehend the Title XXXII Chapter 456 of healthcare legislation, specifically focused on the Competency Standards for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). The term paper should analyze and provide an in-depth understanding of the regulations, requirements, and implications of this legislation on APRNs’ practice. The PPT presentation should summarize the key points and present them effectively using visual aids to enhance understanding.

Question 2: PPT Presentation “Preventable Medical Errors.”

Answer: In this assignment, students are tasked with creating a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of preventable medical errors. The presentation should explore the causes, consequences, and prevention strategies related to medical errors in healthcare settings. Students should research and incorporate relevant statistics, case studies, and best practices to promote patient safety and quality care.

Question 3: Poster Board Presentation “Quality and Safety in Healthcare.”

Answer: The assignment requires students to develop a poster board presentation focusing on the critical aspects of quality and safety in healthcare. Students should explore various dimensions, such as patient-centered care, clinical effectiveness, safety, efficiency, equity, and timeliness. The presentation should highlight innovative strategies, tools, and initiatives being implemented to improve healthcare quality and safety.

Question 4: Conducting a literature review/research on recent healthcare legislation.

Answer: For this task, students are expected to conduct a literature review on a recent healthcare legislation enacted within the past five years. The review should include a minimum of three scholarly articles that have undergone peer review. Students should describe the search engines used, search terms employed, and the number of articles obtained based on the search criteria.

Students are encouraged to use reputable databases such as PubMed, Google Scholar, or specific medical journals for their literature search. The search terms should be selected carefully, including relevant keywords based on the legislation’s topic or specific healthcare area of interest. The number of articles obtained through the search process may vary based on the specificity of the search terms used.

The selection of specific articles should be based on their relevance, credibility, and alignment with the research question. Students should consider factors such as the articles’ publication date, author credentials, methodology, and the significance of their findings. Rationale for choosing the specific articles should be provided, highlighting how they contribute to the understanding of the healthcare legislation and its implications.

In summary, the assigned tasks for medical college students include researching, analyzing, and presenting on various healthcare topics, such as legislation, medical errors, and quality improvement. These assignments aim to enhance students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills, preparing them for their future roles as healthcare professionals.

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