Provide at least one original suggestion as to how society


Provide at least one original suggestion as to how society can protect vulnerable populations from falsely confessing to a crime. Your suggestion should be creative, yet also realistic. Next, in many jurisdictions throughout the country, police officers are permitted to lie and utilize deception when interrogating suspects. In your opinion, should police be permitted to continue to employ deception, or should they be prohibited from telling any lies during the questioning of suspects? Take a position either way and fully defend it. And, in your opinion, do Miranda warnings provide an effective protection against false confessions? Why or why not? Elaborate. Do you agree or disagree with the National Research Council’s recommendation to remove crime laboratories from the administrative control of law enforcement. Why or why not? And, consider your answer to the above question. If you removed laboratories from law enforcement, how would you structure them? If you did not, what steps would you take to guard against the potential for pro-law enforcement bias? Finally, in your opinion, how should courts treat wrongful conviction claims involving discredited forensic analysts? Be specific and thorough in your response.

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