Principles of Marketing MKTG 350 Project #1 Pick a fast-food


Principles of Marketing

MKTG 350

Project #1

Pick a fast-food company (ex. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, etc.), a beverage (ex. Mountain Dew, Miller Lite, etc.), or an automobile manufacturer and model (ex. Honda Odyssey, Toyota Tacoma, etc.).  

  1. Identify      the target market (may be multiple if different product lines)
  2. Identify      and evaluate the company’s marketing mix
    1. Product       decisions for main products

i. Quality (perceived versus competitors)

ii. Packaging

iii. Design

iv. Product life cycle

v. Product mix

vi. Branding

vii. Customer service

  1. Price

i. Strategy

ii. Use of discounts

  1. Place       (Distribution)

i. Type of channel

  1. Promotion

i. Strategy and mix

ii. Medias used

iii. Effectiveness

  1. Who      are the primary competitors?
  2. Identify      and evaluate 4 marketing environment trends. What threats and opportunities will      these trends present to the company? (SWOT – pg 52)
  3. What      is the company’s core competency or competitive advantage? 
  4. How do      they try to create or improve customer value?
  5. Does      the company use a web site in the marketing mix and if so, how effective      do you think it is? How could the      company better use its web site?
  6. What      recommendations would you make to the company to improve its marketing      efforts?

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