Please write part 2 of your literature review. You will

  1. Please write part 2 of your literature review. You will be essentially cutting and pasting your objective summaries under Level II headings (see p. 13 in your manuals).
    Put them in an order that makes sense given how you compared and contrasted them.

    Use your transition compare and contrast words (“similar to”…etc.) !!!
    compare and contrast words

    USE “CHECK YOUR SIMILARITY HERE” folder in the Contents page. Make any required revisions BEFORE submitting it here for grading. 

    APA-7-Compliant Title Page = 15 pts
    Review of Literature = 65 pts

    • Objective Summary 3: You have made ALL required revisions of your graded submission based on my yellow notes and feedback = 15 pts
    • —- Use your W(5) H(1) Notes HW assignment to —–
    •  Transition = 5 pts + Then Write Objective Summary 2 = 20 pts 
    •  Transition = 5 pts + Then Write Objective Summary 3 = 20 pts
    • APA-7-Compliant References Page = 20 pts
    • Include ALL three research articles in proper APA 7 format, and list alphabetically – 

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