Please use all 600 words to summarize the following topics

 Please use all 600 words to summarize the following topics (be specific and use terminology from the class):
Explain Darwin’s theory of evolution. What is natural selection? What makes an organism naturally fit?
Why do we study non-human primates? What are some distinctive features of primate evolution?
Human Origins
Define Punctuated equilibrium and Phyletic gradualism. What are advantages of being bipedal?
Why is Homo Erectus being a big game hunter a debated fact? Why is it important?
The document MUST be 600 or more words, and typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, being either single or double-spaced. In the header please include your name, date, and class (ANTH 37). Failure to do this will result in an immediate 5-point deduction. DO NOT USE ONLINE RESOURCES. Use information provided to you through the textbook and powerpoints. 

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