PH 515 West Coast University Racial Stigma in Employment Presentation

How much do you know about equity and diversity? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. The results may surprise you.

Click here to access the quiz

Complete the quiz first before you look at the answers.

After you have completed this quiz, review the answers to the questions you missed.

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From the questions you missed, select one of the questions that relates to having a stigma.

For this assignment:

  1. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that integrates facts and data on the topic you selected need to accompany the video prepared for your audience.
  2. In your video response, tell us your thoughts on the quiz and if anything surprised you. State the question you selected and why.
  3. Discuss the stigma that can be associated with the question you selected.
  4. Explain ways to reduce the stigma from a public health perspective.
  5. Can you explain this stigma using the Social Cognitive Theory?

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As a medical professor, it is important to ensure that our students have a well-rounded education that includes equity and diversity. In order to test their knowledge on this topic, we have provided them with a quiz. After completing the quiz, they have been asked to select a question that relates to having a stigma and create a PowerPoint presentation and video response. In this assignment, we will discuss the selected question, ways to reduce the associated stigma, and explain it using the Social Cognitive Theory.


The selected question for this assignment is “Have you ever received treatment for depression or anxiety?” This question can have a significant stigma associated with it. Mental health is often stigmatized in society, where individuals may be afraid to disclose their struggles with mental illnesses. This stigma arises due to a lack of awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

There are several ways to reduce the stigma from a public health perspective. One way is to increase awareness and education about mental health. We can educate people about the prevalence and impact of mental health conditions and how they can be managed effectively. Making mental health services accessible and affordable is another way to lower the stigma, so individuals don’t feel ashamed or suffer silently.

The Social Cognitive Theory suggests that people learn by observing others. When people see others around them seeking help with mental health, they are more likely to seek help if they recognize the need for assistance. On the other hand, if people observe negative attitudes and discrimination towards those with mental health conditions, they may be less inclined to disclose their condition.

In conclusion, the stigma associated with mental health issues is a real concern. It is essential to educate individuals to increase their understanding of mental health issues, and reducing stigma that arises from it in the wider society. We hope that by increasing awareness and promoting mental health as a vital component of overall health, we can reduce the stigma associated with asking for help with mental health conditions.

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