Nutrition Tracker Reflection – Signature Assignment Attached Files: File Nutrition

Nutrition Tracker Reflection – Signature Assignment

Attached Files:

File Nutrition Tracker Final Assessment.docx Nutrition Tracker Final Assessment.docx – Alternative Formats (13.211 KB)

Please answer the question on the attached document and submit it as an attachment to this submission box. You must include a copy of your most current food log (All Daily Report) with your submission.

Nutrition Tracker Final Assessment

50 points

Throughout the semester you have been tracking your diet using NutrientCalc. For your final assessment, you will log ONE DAY of food as you did at the beginning of the semester. Upon completion of logging your food for the day, you will need to attach the NUTRIENTS REPORT to your iLearn submission and complete the following questions, attaching them to your submission file as well. Write an analysis of your report in paragraph format of 300-400 words (REQUIRED) as you address the following questions: 

1. How has your diet improved or digressed throughout the semester? 

2. Did you find the use of a nutrition tracker to be beneficial in helping you make healthier eating choices?

3. Where did you find yourself lacking the most in nutrients? Vitamins? Minerals?

a. List three changes you could make or have made to help you gain the things you are missing in your diet.

b. What is one SMART goal that you established and completed throughout the course of this term?

4. What have you learned about your eating behaviors from doing this assignment that you were not aware of before?

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