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Title of Assignment: Comprehensive Health History

Purpose of Assignment: The first part of a health assessment is the history. It is contains critical information about the client. It is important for the nurse to feel comfortable asking all types of questions and to be able to identify the pertinent information for that client. This assignment is a comprehensive health history which would normally be done for a new client to a practice or admission.

Course Competency(s): Identify the foundations of health assessment.

Instructions: Using the provided form to guide the interview, collect as much information as the client is willing to divulge. In a combination of bulleted and narrative formatting, document the information gathered. Try not to be too wordy but, at the same time, be comprehensive in your documentation. Remember this is subjective information and should only be what the client tells you. Avoid making judgments until you determine what the strengths and weaknesses are. Submit this as a word document

Grading Rubric:

See history form. Attached

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The assignment titled “Comprehensive Health History” is designed to test the students’ ability to identify the foundations of health assessment. The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate their skills in collecting and documenting critical information about a new client or patient. As a medical professor, I understand the importance of such assignments in preparing students for real-life situations.


As a medical professor, it is important to give students enough time to complete their assignments to avoid unnecessary pressure. However, considering the urgency of this request, I am willing to create the assignment and provide the answers within four days. The assignment titled “Comprehensive Health History” is in line with the course competency to identify the foundations of health assessment. The grading rubric for the assignment is attached and students are to use the provided form to guide the interview and document the information gathered in a comprehensive manner.

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