In this exercise you will plan a negotiation using the Getting to Yes framework. Remember that the primary objective of this assignment is to show that you understand and now know how to use the Getting to Yes framework to negotiate, and can apply it to a real situation. To do so, you are expected to USE Fisher & Ertel’s Getting Ready to Negotiate Workbook, a workbook based on Getting To Yes that makes it easier to plan a negotiation. You will receive a low grade if you do not show clear evidence of using the Workbook to plan your negotiation. (That is, knowing about Getting to Yes is NOT ENOUGH!) Note that you will not have to read the workbook cover to cover to use it, IF you have already read Getting to Yes. However, the workbook provides more specific instructions and information than Getting to Yes, and if you fail to make use of the workbook, that fact will be obvious in your paper. Your assignment will be evaluated based on (a) the extent to which you demonstrate that you understand and have effectively used the GTY framework, (b) your thoroughness and thoughtfulness in doing so, and (c) your effective use of good writing skills (organization, logical flow, punctuation and spelling, precision and clarity of expressed ideas, etc.). To complete the exercise, choose a specific issue that would benefit from negotiation. The example you choose should be sufficiently big (or complex) so that you will have something to write about! You could negotiate… A new work schedule A raise or benefits A new vacation system for the family that meets together in different locations each year A new program at your church Any other important issue that needs help! Write a paper that describes a specific plan for this negotiation, using Fisher and Ury’s GTY framework. Begin by briefly describing the issue to be negotiated. Then, write a plan your negotiation. Your best help, again, will come from the Getting Ready to Negotiate workbook[1]. (This book should be on the bookshelf of anyone who wants to negotiate anything that’s important!) The workbook takes you step by step through all of the things you should think about before you negotiate to obtain what you need. Use (and describe!) those steps, and get any other help you need from Getting to Yes or the Module 5 PowerPoints to help you plan your negotiation. And remember, the goal is to show that you have read the material and understand. This paper will vary in length, depending on the issue. However, it is very unlikely that you will write a good paper in less than 2-3 pages. (Try not to exceed 4 pages.)


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