Negative outcomes of socialist government in Venezuela.

RESEARCH PAPER OBJECTIVES • Explain and develop your own ideas on the international issue you have chosen through hypothesis development, measurement and data collection, and mathematical and interpretive analysis. • Identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments as they occur in the students’ own work, as well as in the work of other researchers. • Develop well-reasoned arguments in support of a conclusion or point of view by the development of qualitative and quantitative research questions. EXPECTATIONS: • Choose an international issue, develop a hypothesis and conduct research that will either validate or invalidate your hypothesis (Do not use pronouns- I, you, we, etc. when writing a research paper) o Hypothesis- a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation • Identify the type of analysis you will be using to conduct the research that will either validate or invalidate the hypothesis. (i.e., surveys, interviews, observational studies, oral histories, case studies, government documents, or public records) o Do not state something as fact when you do not have evidence to substantiate the argument. o Always, try to utilize primary source material and interpret the primary source material yourself. You are capable of reading a document and formulating your own conclusions. o Utilize secondary source material to serve as evidence to back up your central arguments. o When using source material in your research paper, it must be cited with internal citations even if it is not a direct quote. Failure to use internal citations will result in points being deducted from the paper. o A minimum of 5 sources are required **(1 primary source, 2-3 scholarly articles, 1 data source, 1 reputable news outlet)** o Wikipedia is not a valid source and should not be used under any circumstances. Failure to adhere will result in a 20-point grade reduction. • Ensure you are using at least one of the levels of Analysis in your analysis. • This is not meant to be a history paper. Focus on the present. • Assume the reader has the background knowledge related to the topic at hand. For example, you do not need to define terrorism. Assume the reader knows what terrorism is. Just get to the points. • Most importantly, do not let the hypothesis guide your research. Rather, let the research guide your conclusion. o Make sure to use Calibri or Times New Roman font 12 o 5 pages minimum o APA or MLA writing style format o Complete bibliography/works cited (be advised that this does not count as one of the 5 pages) ***Topic to Research paper/ Hypothesis*** The socialist government has been discussed in recent years to be very beneficially and gives more of an equal value between the rich and the poor. The socialist government in Venezuela has been proven otherwise. This type of government has caused a crisis in Venezuela since 1999. The socialist government which was once a dictatorship turned democracy, has had many problems in recent years due to poor political choices and the drop of oil prices, which is one of Venezuela’s major exports. This is affecting the country in negative ways causing the government to spilt apart, inflation to be at an all-time high, along with its negative relations with the United States.

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