my topic is gun control. please help me make a


my topic is gun control. please help me make a powerpoint and write 1000words speech


The student will choose an ethical or cultural issue and prepare a five-minute presentation on what they believe a proper Christian response to it should be. The topic you choose will determine which day you are presenting on. On Febuary 10th, topics include, gay marriage, gender dysphoria, gender roles, and abortion. March Febuarty 17th,, topics will include immigration, racism, climate change issues and politics. On March 3rd topics will include work, art, and war. On March 10th, topics will include gun control and capital punishment. There will be a limited number of presentations per class. The presentation should contain at least two points in favor of the student’s position, one argument against it, and a response to that argument. 

The presentation should contain at least three sources. The student will submit an outline of their presentation to the professor the day before. 

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