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This week conduct an interview with someone in your organization whose work involves implementing organizational communication strategies.

Prepare to interview this person by creating a list of questions and topics you want to discuss in the interview. The interview should focus on organizational communication and strategies that determine what, when, and how information is communicated within the organization.

You may conduct the interview in person, over the phone, or via web conferencing.

Summarize the interview as a 3- to 5-minute video. Encapsulate what you and your interviewee discussed.

Appraise the communication strategies used in your organization and share any insight you gained on how the process can be improved.Present yourself as if you are reporting back to your employer. Be sure to wear professional attire.

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Today, I conducted an interview with a member of our organization who is responsible for implementing organizational communication strategies. Our discussion focused on the various aspects of organizational communication, including what, when, and how information is communicated within our organization. In this video, I will summarize the key points from our interview and provide an appraisal of the communication strategies used in our organization, as well as any insights gained on how the process can be improved.

Question 1: Can you please introduce yourself and explain your role in implementing organizational communication strategies?

Answer: My role within the organization involves overseeing and implementing communication strategies that ensure effective and efficient flow of information across different departments and levels. This includes planning and organizing communication channels, determining appropriate methods and timing of communication, and ensuring that the messages are clear, consistent, and aligned with organizational goals.

Question 2: How do you determine what information needs to be communicated within the organization?

Answer: To determine what information needs to be communicated, we first identify the key messages and goals of the organization. We then collaborate with department heads and teams to understand their specific needs and information requirements. Regular meetings, surveys, and feedback sessions are also conducted to gather insights on potential areas of improvement or issues that need to be addressed through communication.

Question 3: What methods or channels of communication are used in our organization?

Answer: Our organization utilizes a combination of communication methods and channels to ensure comprehensive coverage. These include both formal channels such as email, newsletters, and meetings, as well as informal channels like instant messaging and online platforms. We also leverage technology to facilitate remote communication, particularly in situations where physical presence is not possible.

Question 4: How do you ensure that the messages are effectively conveyed to the intended audience?

Answer: Ensuring effective communication requires careful planning and consideration of the target audience. We tailor our messages to specific groups or individuals, using language and tone that resonate with them. Various communication tools and techniques are employed to enhance understanding, such as visual aids, presentations, and interactive sessions. Additionally, we encourage feedback and provide opportunities for clarification to ensure that the messages are understood as intended.

Question 5: Are there any challenges or areas for improvement in our current communication strategies?

Answer: While our current communication strategies have been generally effective, there are a few areas where improvement can be made. Firstly, there is a need to streamline the flow of information to reduce redundancy and ensure greater efficiency. Secondly, the frequency and timing of communication can be further optimized to prevent information overload or delayed responsiveness. Finally, enhancing the integration of different communication channels and platforms can foster better collaboration and information sharing among various departments.


In conclusion, the interview provided valuable insights into the implementation of organizational communication strategies in our organization. The interviewee shared their role in overseeing communication channels, determining the content of communication, and ensuring effective dissemination of information. We discussed the methods and channels used, as well as the importance of tailoring messages to the target audience. While our current strategies have been effective, there are areas for improvement, such as streamlining information flow, optimizing communication frequency and timing, and improving integration of communication channels. By addressing these areas, we can continue to enhance our organizational communication and ultimately achieve better collaboration and efficiency within the organization. Thank you for the opportunity to conduct this interview, and I look forward to implementing these insights to improve our communication strategies.

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