MHA 505 University Of Phoenix Week 2 SWOT Analysis of Pfizer Essay

Complete a SWOT Analysis Paper of your organization. Use the SWOT Analysis Worksheet as a guideline but do not complete the worksheet and turn it in. You can answer the questions in the worksheet as part of your analysis and include the answers in your write up but do not put bullet points or lists in the paper. You need paragraphs of sentences. Complete the following steps:

1. Complete a preliminary walk around the organization to scan the environment for strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and potential threats (e.g., workflows, products, personnel, processes).

2. Follow up with additional research that may provide clarity on elements that you are hesitant or indecisive to list.

3. Review your systems Thinking Diagram from Week Two and determine if there are any details you can add or adjustments you can make to enhance your understanding of the organizational system.

4. WRITE an objective paper for your SWOT analysis. (Use headers for each paragraph section in your paper.)

5. List the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and potential threats. Use a header for each of these four topics (strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and potential threats) in your paper.

6. Select the items that should be prioritized within each paragraph.

Paper should be a minimum of 2.5 pages in length (body text, doesn’t include references, title page etc.).

Cite 3 reputable references to support your SWOT Analysis (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

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As part of the course requirements, students are expected to conduct a SWOT analysis of their organization. This assignment involves a preliminary walk around the organization to identify strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and potential threats. It also requires additional research to provide clarity on elements that may be unclear. Students are expected to write an objective paper that lists the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and potential threats. This paper should be prioritized, and reputable sources should be cited to support the SWOT analysis.

The organization under analysis has several strengths that make it stand out in the industry. Firstly, the organization has a highly skilled workforce that is dedicated to providing quality services to its clients. This dedicated workforce is experienced in their areas of specialization and has undergone various professional development courses to enhance their competencies. Secondly, the organization has a robust financial position that enables it to invest in new technologies that improve service delivery. Thirdly, the organization has a broad customer base that includes both private and public entities.

However, the organization also has several weaknesses that may have a negative impact on its ability to achieve its objectives. Firstly, the organization heavily relies on a few key clients, making it vulnerable to loss of business if any of these clients were to withdraw their business. Secondly, the organization’s decision-making process is quite slow, leading to missed opportunities. This sluggish decision-making process has been attributed to bureaucracy and red tape within the organization. Thirdly, the organization’s internal communication channels are not well-established, leading to miscommunication, which can affect employee morale.

The organization has several potential opportunities that it can leverage to enhance its competitiveness. Firstly, the organization can increase its operational efficiency by adopting new technologies that streamline its business processes. Secondly, the organization can diversify its customer base by targeting new markets and expanding its services. This strategy will help to reduce the organization’s dependence on its existing customers while increasing its revenue streams. Thirdly, the organization can improve its marketing strategies to enhance its brand visibility, create brand loyalty, and attract new customers.

Finally, the organization has potential threats that require careful consideration. Firstly, the organization faces stiff competition from other players in the industry that offer similar services. Secondly, changes in government policies and regulations can have a significant impact on the organization’s operations. Finally, the organization is exposed to external factors such as economic downturns, natural disasters, and geopolitical tensions that can have a negative impact on its operations.

In conclusion, the SWOT analysis has identified the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and potential threats. The organization’s strengths and weaknesses can be leveraged to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats. The SWOT analysis is a valuable tool that can help the organization to identify areas that require improvement while capitalizing on its strengths. It is essential to cite reputable sources to support the SWOT analysis and ensure that the analysis conducted is credible.

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