Read “Mary, >Mariology,” from Global Dictionary of Theology, and complete the following in 450-750 words total (each answer should be a minimum of 150 words). Along with the Bible and the textbook, use a minimum of three scholarly sources from the GCU Library to help answer the following. 1. After reading the article, “Mary, >Mariology,” from Global Dictionary of Theology, evaluate the development of Marian belief from the medieval period to the Reformation (150-250 words). 2. After reading the article, “Mary, >Mariology,” from Global Dictionary of Theology, evaluate how Vatican II shaped the diversity of views with Catholicism (150-250 words). 3. After reading the article, “Mary, >Mariology,” evaluate the issues of Marian theology and ecumenism. Be sure to include how your faith tradition understands Mariology (150-250 words).


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