List your name, date, and course as the header then


List your name, date, and course as the header then follow the instructions:


  • The assignment must be completed in a 300-word count and typed inside the write submit box or a Word document. 
  • It must be in APA Format (please see resource tab).  This means you must cite your sources in the text and list them as references. 
  • Your assignment must be written in the third person (No I believe or I feel), properly paragraphed with minimum grammatical errors and conventions. (Please proofread before submitting and see the submission’s requirements).  You will be graded accordingly.
  • You must have a minimum of one reference to include your textbook.

1. Search the internet or available resources, and list and define Robbery vs. Burglary vs. Larceny. Provide the investigative approach to law enforcement or detectives to each with complete responses.

2. Be sure to list the question and provide your answers. Please use scholarly information and remember ( you are not to use other students’ information) 

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