JC PENNY please use papers from week 6- 8 as


please use papers from week 6- 8 as reference. 

Marketing Research Project Part 3: Final Research Report 

You as a Marketing Research Manager have been assigned to conduct a small marketing research study. You have developed questionnaires and collected data in weeks 6-8. Please discuss and prepare the following items: 

  1. Data analysis and interpretation (Chapter 16-18) – Analyze your collected data; mention the technique and tools you used to analyze the data.
  2. Research Findings (Chapter 20) – Summarize the findings of your research.
  3. Conclusions and Recommendations (Chapter 20) – Draw marketing implications. What do you recommend to management based on your research study?

The final research paper should include the following items:  

  1. Title page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Data analysis and interpretation
  5. Research findings
  6. Conclusions and recommendations
  7. References

Instructions for Assignment:

  • 3-4 Pages in APA 7th format excluding cover and reference pages 
  • Use a minimum of  3 references: Don’t forget to cite them. 
  • Submit in a Word format, not the PDF file. 
  • Due to violations of academic integrity, you are instructed to do the following due this coming Sunday.

Go to:
    and check your assignment (any format – Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Take a screenshot of your submission, the screenshot must show your content and the result. Copy the screenshot into your assignment at the end, after your reference page.


WEEK 7: Based on the challenges facing the JCPenny organization, data was collected using primary and secondary data. Preliminary data will include the use of surveys across all departments. Questionnaires and observations will also be used to manage the data. Secondary data will consist of the use of articles and papers that have similar studies on the company.

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