Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale

Using the Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS), you will observe an infant, toddler or two-year-old classrooms for 10 hours total.

You will complete the Personal Care Routines subscale for the program. In a written reflection (3-5 pages total) you will reflect on your findings and determine where the program could improve, using specific items from the ITERS subscales. You will also develop a presentation of your key findings from using the ITERS for this assignment. The presentation will highlight what was discovered about the program using the ITERS. Directions: • A summary of ITERS subscale findings is evident (6 items: greeting/departing, meals/snacks, nap, diapering/toileting, health practices, safety practices) • A personal reflection on the findings (3-5 pages). • A list of recommendations and areas for improvement is included, with direct correlation to the ITERS items. • Cite references properly in the text of the paper as well as at the end of the paper using APA style. • Share a brief summary of your findings and impressions of the ITERS (using powerpoint, prezi or another visual representation)

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