In the last module, you learned about the important components

In the last module, you learned about the important components of a great social media post, such as brand voice and done, visual design and copy. Complete this discussion board prompt to apply what you’ve learned.


For this discussion board, you will use the partner company you have selected for your final project. Find one of your company’s partner posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that you believe is a high-quality post.

Create a discussion board post that includes:

A screenshot of the post you selected from your partner company.

A description of the brand voice of your partner company, as evidenced by the social media post.

A description of how the image (text, color, contrast), copy (ideal character length, call to action), other details (tagging and hashtags) follows best practices.

Include any suggestions for how this company could improve the post for greater follower engagement.

It is a discussion board therefore with 300 words is fine

Attached screenshot of what the post is about.

I have also attached the web page in case you need more information about the associated company

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