If God is a God of Love and Compassion, as the monotheistic religions teach, then how do we explain the evil and suffering in our world?

 1. Responses must be comprehensive and show good critical thinking. 2. Any quotes or paraphrasing of an author must be acknowledged with supporting documents. 3. Please be sure you include a bibliography, which must be on a separate page and is not one of the 5 pages. Your bibliography should be page and properly formatted. 4. Since this is a short paper, you may acknowledge your sources within the paragraph. For example, if you quote someone such as Karl Rahner, after your quote you would put (Rahner 59) – 59 stands for the page number.  5. For a paper o this length, no more than four sources are allowed. Of those four sources, only ONE web site is allowed. You must use another book or journal besides your textbook. Remember, Use o ther sources besides your textbook, Provide scholarly and credible sources. Everything on the web is not scholarly and credible. 6. Please do not give me a paper full of quotes. yes, you need to document your sources. But this is only a 4 page paper.

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