How many different negligence causes of action, against whom, can


How many different negligence causes of action, against whom, can you spot in this scenario? 2. What defenses may the potential defendants assert.

Victoria Victim is seeking legal representation stemming from the following incident. Victoria was driving her new car when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. She was wearing her seat belt, but the belt broke two ribs while restraining Victoria. She hit her face on the steering wheel, because she had disabled the airbags in the car. Victoria was taken to the hospital, and the car was towed away. However, prior to the car being towed, some teenager on the scene stole the gold chain and charm that were hanging from Victoria’s rear view window.

As a result of being towed away, all the groceries in the trunk defrosted, and melted all over, ruining the trunk liner. The stench is unbearable, and despite professional cleanings, does not come out.

Because of Victoria’s osteoporosis, her ribs did not heal properly. She required surgery to set the ribs and extensive rehabilitation. Moreover, the nose surgeon who attended her in the emergency room did a very poor job on her nose. This damage had to be fixed, and it required a second surgery on her nose, and has caused Victoria’s nose to be permanently disfigured.


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