Health promotion proposal Part II Health promotion proposal Part II

For this assignment develop criteria 5-8 as detailed below: 

You will submit just this section 5-8 as essay. Don’t resubmit Part 1. 

Use a presentation page. Start the body of content with topic 5.

5. Propose a health promotion program using an evidence-based intervention found in your literature search to address the problem in the selected population/setting. Include a thorough discussion of the specifics of this intervention which include resources necessary, those involved, and feasibility for a nurse in an advanced role. Be certain to include a timeline. (2 to 4 paragraph. You may use bullets if appropriate). 

6. Thoroughly describe the intended outcomes. Describe the outcomes in detail concurrent with the SMART goal approach. The SMART goal statement should be no more than one sentence (1 paragraph). 

7. Provide a detailed plan for evaluation for each outcome. (1 paragraph). 

8. Thoroughly describe possible barriers/challenges to implementing the proposed project as well as strategies to address these barriers/challenges. (1 paragraph). 

Finish the paper with a conclusion paragraph (1 paragraph) without typing the word “conclusion” before the paragraph. 

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Health promotion proposal Part II Health promotion proposal Part II

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5. For the selected population/setting, I propose a health promotion program that aims to address the identified problem through an evidence-based intervention. The intervention chosen from the literature search is a community-based exercise program specifically designed for older adults with osteoarthritis. This program will involve regular group exercise sessions led by a trained exercise physiologist, as well as educational sessions on joint protection, pain management, and healthy aging. The intervention will also provide resources such as exercise equipment, educational materials, and access to community healthcare services.

The program’s feasibility for a nurse in an advanced role is high, as it aligns with the nurse’s expertise in health promotion and disease prevention. The nurse can serve as a coordinator, collaborating with the exercise physiologist and other healthcare professionals to ensure the smooth implementation of the program. A timeline for the program could be developed as follows:

– Month 1: Conduct community needs assessment, establish partnerships with local healthcare providers, and secure funding.
– Months 2-3: Recruit participants and conduct baseline assessments of their physical functioning and arthritis symptoms.
– Months 4-8: Implement the exercise and education program, monitoring participants’ progress and providing regular evaluations.
– Months 9-12: Evaluate the outcomes of the program, conduct follow-up assessments, and disseminate findings.

6. The intended outcomes of the health promotion program are to improve the physical functioning, reduce pain and stiffness, and enhance the quality of life for older adults with osteoarthritis. The SMART goal statement for this intervention is: “By the end of the 12-month program, at least 80% of participants will show an improvement of 20% or more in their physical functioning and report a 30% reduction in pain and stiffness.”

7. A detailed plan for evaluation for each outcome will be implemented to measure the effectiveness of the program. The evaluation plan will include pre- and post-program assessments of physical functioning using validated measures such as the Timed Up and Go Test and the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC). Pain and stiffness levels will be assessed using self-report scales like the Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Data will be collected at baseline, monthly during the program, and at the program’s conclusion to assess changes over time. Additionally, qualitative feedback from participants will be gathered through interviews and focus groups to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

8. Possible barriers/challenges to implementing the proposed project may include limited funding, recruitment difficulties, and participant adherence. To address these barriers, strategies such as seeking additional funding through grants or partnerships, conducting targeted recruitment efforts through healthcare providers and community organizations, and implementing a participant incentive program can be employed. Regular communication and collaboration with participants, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders can also help overcome these challenges.

In conclusion, the proposed health promotion program utilizes an evidence-based intervention to address the identified problem in the selected population/setting. It focuses on improving physical functioning, reducing pain and stiffness, and enhancing the quality of life for older adults with osteoarthritis. The program is feasible for a nurse in an advanced role and can be implemented through a coordinated effort with other healthcare professionals. The evaluation plan will measure the program’s effectiveness, and strategies have been outlined to overcome potential barriers and challenges. Overall, this program holds promise in addressing the health needs of the targeted population and promoting their well-being.

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