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For your final case project, you are required to prepare a ‘pitch deck’ to support the launch of a new product or service that addresses a current problem or issue but also has direct connection to the health care industry. The overarching intent of this presentation is to obtain funding from a commercial or private financier. Thus, the final product should be professional, clear, appropriately structured, logical, and concise.)

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For the final case project, students are required to prepare a ‘pitch deck’ aimed at securing funding for a new product or service within the healthcare industry. This presentation should effectively address a current problem or issue while demonstrating its direct relevance to the healthcare sector. The final product should be professional, clear, logically structured, and concise, with the goal of appealing to commercial or private financiers.


To successfully prepare a ‘pitch deck’ for obtaining funding, it is crucial to incorporate effective forecasting techniques into your presentation. This will help demonstrate the potential success and viability of the proposed product or service. Two resources that can greatly assist in this process are the articles “Six Rules for Effective Forecasting” and “Forecasting Methods.”

The article “Six Rules for Effective Forecasting” provides valuable insights into best practices for accurate forecasting. It emphasizes the importance of basing predictions on unbiased data, avoiding unchecked optimism, and considering various scenarios and their associated probabilities. By incorporating these rules into your forecasting methods, you can showcase a realistic and well-informed projection of the product or service’s potential outcomes.

Additionally, the article “Forecasting Methods” offers a comprehensive overview of various techniques that can be utilized in forecasting. These methods include time series analysis, which examines historical data to identify patterns and trends, and regression analysis, which explores the relationship between independent and dependent variables. Familiarizing yourself with these techniques will enable you to choose the most suitable forecasting method for your pitch deck.

For regression analysis, it is essential to understand the basics of using Excel to perform regression. The resource “Regression in Excel” provides practical guidance on using Excel’s regression tool to analyze and interpret data. Regression analysis can be particularly useful when demonstrating the product or service’s potential impact and identifying key factors that influence its success.

Lastly, “Regression Explained” offers a deeper understanding of regression analysis by explaining concepts such as coefficients, standard errors, t-values, and p-values. This knowledge will help you effectively communicate and justify the forecasting results obtained through regression analysis.

By thoroughly reviewing these resources and integrating their principles and techniques into your ‘pitch deck,’ you will be better equipped to demonstrate the potential success and financial viability of your proposed product or service in the healthcare industry.

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