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Please answer each question.

Question 1

Round 1. The Brainstorming Blitz: Applying your personalized healthcare scenario, address each of the following Agenda Topics for the first brainstorming round.

Your Title Selection & Healthcare Setting: Personalized Healthcare Scenario

Primary Healthcare Title

Director of Patient Experience or Director of Administration

Primary Healthcare Setting (Specific)

Birthing Center

Primary Healthcare Setting’s Name (Fictitious) 

Stork Birthing Center


San Diego, CA

Geographic Area Type:


Geographic Population Size:

1 million

Geographic Region:


Primary Project. Business Investment Project (BIP) & BIP Definition

Shared/Joint Venture – This is when two or more companies bring their resources together to collaborate for a project/profit (Hargrave, 2023) 

BIP Sub-Industry

Concierge Medical Services

Agenda Item 1A: Provide a Copy of Your Discussion Profile from your Ecosystem Blueprint: Kick Off Template

Director of Patient Experience

Stork Birthing Center

San Diego, CA

Project: Shared Venture Concierge Medical Services

Agenda Item 1B: Choose one option for each service category (marketing, human resources, and consumerism), then address each topic for the first round. Briefly explain the significance of your choice with regards to your ecosystem design, your project, and your healthcare setting. Include one specific example for each service category.

  • Service Category 1: Marketing Strategies
    • Choose one: Branding, Social Media Marketing, or Relationship Marketing.
  • Service Category 2: Human Resource Management (HRM) Methods
    • Choose one: Personnel Shortages, Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity, or Recruitment & Retention
  • Service Category 3: Consumerism Initiatives
    • Choose one: Decision Making, Technology, or Healthcare Data.

Question 2

Building Block 1. Department Operations:  Sufficiently address each requirement for the topic selection.

Topic 1. Cross-Departmental Communication: Assess this topic by addressing the following:

  • Item 1a. Identify two (2) hospital departments and explain two (2) specific challenges and/or barriersthey may face in communicating effectively with one another.
  • Item 1b. Provide one (1) well-defined example of how interdepartmental communication can be improved for these two departments in terms of (a.) workflow efficiency, (b.) patient care, and (c.) employee experience

Building Block 2. Project Management: Analyze the role of project management in terms of planning and establishing an acute care network by discussing the following:

  • Strategic Partnership Details: Describe one (1) strategic partnership with an external healthcare provider for an acute care hospital. Include the type of healthcare provider and why you selected them as a partner. 
  • Hospital Department Information: Explain one (1) specific hospital departmental service that would be important to this strategic partnership.
  • Project Management Actionable Outline: Summarize one (1) project management step that you take in establishing this relationship and the importance of this step.

Expert Solution Preview

Question 1:

In this personalized healthcare scenario, I have selected the role of Director of Patient Experience in a fictitious primary healthcare setting called Stork Birthing Center located in San Diego, CA. The Stork Birthing Center operates in an urban area with a population size of 1 million in the Southwest region. The primary project for the center is a shared venture concierge medical services. Now, let’s address each agenda topic for the first brainstorming round.

Agenda Item 1A: Discussion Profile from Ecosystem Blueprint Kick Off Template
Title: Director of Patient Experience
Healthcare Setting: Stork Birthing Center
Location: San Diego, CA
Project: Shared Venture Concierge Medical Services

Agenda Item 1B: Marketing Strategies, Human Resource Management Methods, and Consumerism Initiatives

Service Category 1: Marketing Strategies – Relationship Marketing
Significance: Relationship marketing is a suitable choice for our ecosystem design as it focuses on building and maintaining long-term relationships with patients. In the context of our project, providing personalized and high-quality healthcare services through the shared venture concierge medical services requires strong patient-provider relationships. One specific example of employing relationship marketing in our healthcare setting would be to establish regular communication channels, such as email newsletters or personalized follow-up calls, to maintain ongoing engagement with patients and address any concerns or questions they may have.

Service Category 2: Human Resource Management (HRM) Methods – Recruitment & Retention
Significance: Recruitment and retention are crucial in ensuring we have a skilled and dedicated workforce to deliver optimal patient care in our birthing center. By focusing on recruitment strategies that attract qualified professionals and implementing retention programs that promote job satisfaction and career growth opportunities, we can foster a positive work environment. To improve recruitment and retention, we can offer competitive salary packages, provide professional development opportunities, and foster a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

Service Category 3: Consumerism Initiatives – Healthcare Data
Significance: Utilizing healthcare data is essential for personalized healthcare services and informed decision-making. Collecting and analyzing patient data, such as medical history, preferences, and outcomes, can help us tailor our services to individual needs. One example of a consumerism initiative related to healthcare data is implementing electronic health records (EHRs) that can be accessed seamlessly by healthcare providers, allowing for efficient coordination of care and ensuring timely access to relevant patient information.

Question 2:

Building Block 1: Department Operations – Cross-Departmental Communication

Item 1a: Two hospital departments and specific challenges/barriers:
– Obstetrics Department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): The Obstetrics Department and NICU may face challenges in communicating due to physical distance between the departments and differences in workflow processes.
– Nursing Department and Radiology Department: The Nursing Department and Radiology Department may experience challenges in effective communication due to delays in sharing patients’ diagnostic imaging results, leading to potential disruptions in patient care.

Item 1b: Example of improving interdepartmental communication:
To improve interdepartmental communication between the Obstetrics Department and NICU, implementing a digital patient tracking system that alerts the NICU staff in real-time when a high-risk delivery is anticipated would improve workflow efficiency. This system would enhance patient care by ensuring swift and coordinated responses between the departments. Moreover, a shared digital platform where nurses can directly communicate with the radiologists regarding any urgent imaging findings would significantly benefit patient care and streamline the workflow between the Nursing and Radiology Departments.

Building Block 2: Project Management – Acute Care Network Establishment

Strategic Partnership Details: A strategic partnership with an external healthcare provider, such as a nearby tertiary care hospital, would be formed. This partnership is chosen because of their specialized expertise in handling critical and complex cases that require advanced medical facilities and specialized interventions.

Hospital Department Information: The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) department in our hospital would be crucial for this strategic partnership. The ICU provides specialized care and monitoring to critically ill patients, ensuring their stability and continuous support.

Project Management Actionable Outline: One crucial step in establishing this relationship is conducting a thorough assessment of the hospital’s infrastructure and resources to align them with the requirements of the strategic partner. This assessment is important to ensure seamless integration and collaboration between the two healthcare providers, maximizing the benefits of the partnership and delivering optimal patient outcomes.

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