Grand Canyon University Organization Impact the Business Plan Discussion

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Describe the connection between the organization where you work and the business plan you are developing for that organization. How does the organization impact the business plan? How does the business plan impact the organization?Managing Health Care Business Strategy

Moseley, G. B. (2017). Managing health care business strategy (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett. ISBN-13: 9781284081107

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Grand Canyon University Organization Impact the Business Plan Discussion

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The organization where I work, a medical college, plays a significant role in the development and implementation of the business plan. The business plan for the medical college aims to outline the strategic direction and objectives of the institution, as well as the actions required to achieve those goals.

The organization impacts the business plan in several ways. Firstly, the organization’s mission, vision, and values influence the goals and objectives outlined in the business plan. These fundamental principles guide the decision-making process and ensure that the strategies and initiatives proposed in the plan align with the overall purpose of the organization.

Additionally, the organization’s resources and capabilities, such as the expertise and infrastructure available, impact the business plan. The plan takes into consideration the organization’s current resources and capabilities, as well as potential areas of improvement or expansion.

Furthermore, the organization’s internal and external environment influences the business plan. Factors such as market trends, regulatory changes, and competition are considered in the development of the plan. The organization conducts market analysis and environmental scans to identify opportunities and threats that need to be addressed in the business plan.

On the other hand, the business plan also impacts the organization. It serves as a blueprint for decision-making and resource allocation within the institution. The plan provides a clear direction and roadmap for the organization, enabling it to make informed choices and prioritize initiatives that will contribute to its success.

Moreover, the business plan helps in resource planning and budgeting. It allows the organization to allocate financial resources, human capital, and other assets in a strategic manner, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. The plan also helps in identifying potential partnerships and collaborations that can support the organization’s goals.

In summary, the organization and the business plan have a reciprocal relationship. The organization’s characteristics, resources, and environment shape the business plan, while the plan, in turn, guides and influences the organization’s activities and decision-making processes.

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