Geological concepts including the rock cycle and plate tectonics

Here is the information for the 1st assignment. The video you will be watching for is: The Collision Zone: Asia, from the series Geologic Journey II. You will find the video on the web site The URL, which you should be able to click on and go directly to the video is: If you have a problem getting to the video by clicking on the link above you can try copying it and pasting it into your browser. A last resort is to go to, and in the search area entering: geologic journey – the collision zone, asia The video is approximately 50 minutes long. The questions to answer are:

Provide a comprehensive discussion of the geological concepts including the rock cycle and plate tectonics — collisional mountain building — i.e., continent-continent collision, earthquakes, subduction, volcanoes; and the sediment cycle ( this is a thought portion of the question going from sediment on the sea floor to sedimentary rock ending high in the Himalayas, then being weathered and transported back to the ocean, becoming rock again which is subducted then being erupted as volcanic rock and products), and their inter-relationships with the ocean basin as seen in the video hosted by Dr. Nick Eyles as he traveled among Nepal, India and Indonesia meeting with various scientists working in the area. You should relate your discussion primarily to the video — citing what you have seen that illustrates the question you’re answering, and amplifying that with concepts discussed in class, i.e., converging plate boundaries in one case leading to mountain building and what was seafloor ending up as mountains, the life cycle of mountains: growth and erosion and transportation of sediment back to the ocean, earthquakes and resulting landslides where continent-continent convergence continues, and second to ocean-ocean convergence with subduction of the sediment its re-emergence as volcanic products. You should also talk of the ever-evolving face of the planet over geologic time as illustrated by the short animation of a computer model showing plate movement leading to the next super continent. Again, make sure you are directly referring the information from the video in your answer, that you answer the complete question, and use your imagination as you think back to all we learned.

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