For this assignment I would like you to complete the

 For this assignment I would like you to complete the following:

1.  Read material shared at the following websites:

2.  Read the online or PDF Bookboon book that is required reading for this course – Attached – 

3.   Prepare a short paper (no less than 2 single spaced pages – no more than 3 single spaced pages – cover page does not count – bibliography page does not count, but make sure that you include APA referencing to the reference material that you have used at the end of your response – proportional font no larger that 12 pt.) addressing the following questions:

  • What is change management? (5 points)
  • Why is understanding the dynamics of change important in managing innovation? (5 points)
  • Identify some of the challenges that organizations will encounter in implementing various types of change. (10 points)
  • What advice would you give an innovative organization that feels change management will be the key to sustaining a creative work environment? (10 points)

4.  Your work should be prepared with an appropriate word processing program and uploaded for assessment.  As you can see, each section of this assignment has a point value.

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