FIU Health & Medical Violation of Rights Case Review Question

I need to find a 2nd issue in the case. 

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As a medical professor, it is my responsibility to design and conduct assignments that help medical college students develop their knowledge and skills. Through lectures, evaluations, examinations, and assignments, I aim to provide comprehensive education and meaningful feedback to enhance student performance. In this particular case, the task is to identify a second issue presented in the given content.


Analyzing the provided content, the first issue identified is the need to find a second issue in the case. To fulfill this requirement, a careful examination of the information is necessary. Upon review, a potential second issue can be identified as a lack of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Medical college students are expected to develop strong critical thinking skills as they progress in their studies. This involves the ability to analyze complex medical scenarios, synthesize information from various sources, and make informed decisions based on evidence. In the given content, the task is to find a second issue, indicating that the students may struggle with identifying multiple problems or complexities within a single case.

Being able to recognize multiple issues within a case is crucial in the medical field, as patients’ conditions often involve a multitude of factors that need to be considered for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Without possessing strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students may struggle to thoroughly assess patient cases, potentially leading to incomplete diagnoses or treatment plans.

To address this issue, it is necessary to incorporate exercises and assignments that promote critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Assignments could include case studies with multiple layers and interconnected issues, requiring students to examine the situation from different perspectives and analyze the underlying problems. These activities can encourage students to think critically, consider alternative scenarios, and make well-reasoned decisions.

Additionally, incorporating small group discussions or collaborative projects into the curriculum can foster a collaborative learning environment where students can share their perspectives, learn from each other, and collectively identify various issues within a given case. By actively engaging in discussions and learning from their peers, students can enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In conclusion, one of the additional issues identified in the given content is the lack of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By integrating relevant assignments and activities that focus on these skills, medical college students can develop the necessary abilities to assess complex medical cases comprehensively.

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