Economic demand, supply and market equilibrium

Each student taking this course for two competencies is to conduct such research and write the paper (9 to 12 pages) on a topic to be chosen among the wealth of issues included in the textbook, its related web resources, or in the relevant media (the Wall Street Journal, The Economist magazine, BusinessWeek, the Nightly Business Report show on PBS, etc.). Every 2-competence student is free to choose one topic most suited to his or her interests or focus area. However, every paper must specifically address the two competencies for which the student was registered. -Competency 1: Can explain the emergence, maintenance, or evolution of an economic or political system.

-Competency 2: Can analyze issues and problems from a global perspective. The reflection paper will be assessed according to the following criteria: relevance of content, thoroughness of research, rigor of organization, originality of argumentation, and stylistic quality. Relevance of content: You must present a thorough discussion of the chosen topic, establishing its relevance both to real-life experiences and to the course’s topics. Relate your argument to existing theories or the literature. Throughout your paper, regardless of the topic, there must be a clear and substantial effort to utilize the tools and concepts studied in class in order to reinforce your argument. Thoroughness of research: The Internet is NOT a sufficient source of ideas or data for an academic paper. You must also research relevant literature (books, professional journals, magazines, etc.).

Your bibliography, to be included at the end of the paper, must reflect this variety. Rigor of organization: Clearly state your argument at the onset, then position it with regard to ongoing trends and ideas in your field of inquiry. Develop and illustrate your points logically, using structured paragraphs organized in a coherent entity. Originality of argumentation: Indeed, you are not being asked to reinvent the wheel. It is fine to use other people’s ideas, but be sure to present your own perspective on these ideas, written in your own words. If you are quoting a sentence or passage from the assigned report, or from another published work, state it explicitly—with quotation marks at the start and end. Plagiarism is a grave departure from academic ethics that DePaul University does not condone. For more information about DePaul’s policy on plagiarism, please refer to the Faculty Council Web page at and the statement on Academic Honesty below. The Reflection Paper is not intended to be a hurdle on the path towards passing this course. Its purpose is to provide students with a good opportunity, at the end of the quarter, to wrap up and put in perspective (relevance for real life) the materials covered throughout the quarter. It is useful to keep that simple idea in mind when undertaking the paper.

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