During this semester, we examined several areas of governance and

During this semester, we examined several areas of governance and ways in which governance models are applied and regulated by governments and industryAs you get closer to starting your own dissertation, you will need to choose a topic in your first dissertation class DSRT 736, so it is essential to start preparing.This week, let us take a look at some topics to consider, and by the end of the week, we could have several ideas for dissertation topics.Since you have already examined several research articles, another way would be to examine previous dissertations in these areas.Visit the University of Cumberlands’library, go to the Dissertation Database, and locate an interesting topic on governance models, frameworks, regulations, etc.Here are some pointers that will help critically evaluate some viable topics.•Is the topic attainable for a first-time dissertation student?•Is the problem rooted in the literature?•Is the research empirical, i.e., is there a survey, is therean interview guide, has the data been analyzed via some statistical tool?•Is there a theoretical model or framework discussed?Discuss the topic, the problem the model has been used in the research, and any present findings.Do not read the entire dissertation, as the abstract and chapter one introduction should give a clear understanding of the research

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