Discussion 6.1 Read the following scenario and provide provide a

Discussion 6.1

Read the following scenario and provide provide a viable resolution  based on FMLA.

One of your nurses, Betty, displayed signs of depression, such as crying openly at work in front of staff and residents. One of her co-workers even reported to the nursing home’s administrator that Betty was becoming increasingly depressed and being overworked to the point of exhaustion. Betty became ill with diarrhea after her three consecutive shift days and called in sick for two days. On the second day, Betty informed her boss that she was also experiencing vomiting and chest pains, and was going to see her physician. The physician diagnosed Betty with clinical depression, prescribed Prozac, and advised her to take a medical leave of absence from work for two months.

Betty advised her boss that her doctor told her to stay home for two months. Betty did not disclose her clinical diagnosis, did not ask for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, and did not ask for leave as a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Betty’s boss required her to produce a medical certification from her physician regarding her condition. Betty indicated that her physician was away for the holidays and would not be back for three weeks.

Two weeks later, Betty received a termination letter stating that she was being fired for failing to submit a medical certificate within 15 days of requesting leave. As a result, her leave request was being denied and her failure to come to work was being deemed a voluntary resignation.

This story was brought to your attention as the HR professional after Betty’s termination letter was sent. Now what? Remember that your resolution must be based on FMLA guidelines.


In order to get a full grade, 

1) please make sure that your initial post is at least 150 – 200 words in length

Discussion 6.2

An unhealthy work environment can lower productivity, contribute to low morale, and increase medical and workers’ compensation costs. Consider ways to improve the work environment.

Case Study 6.1 4 Pages

There are two (2) case studies per chapter. You are to respond to one (1) case from Chapter 11 and one (1) case study from Chapter 12.

Chapter 11 Employee Benefit (Choose one case study)

Case Study 1 – Adobe’s Family-Friendly Benefits: An Unexpected Backlash, pg. 450 and answer the questions

Case Study 2 – Evaluate the Work-Life Climate in Your Company. pg. 451 and answer the questions

Chapter 12 Promoting Safety and Health (Choose one case study)

Case Study 1 – Rambo Goes Violent, pg. 490 and answer the questions

Case Study 2 – Too Much Fatigue and Stress? You Decide, pg. 491 and answer the questions

Weekly Summary 6.1

Write 2 pages of weekly summary based on the chapter 11 and 12 PPT attached.

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