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Using the attached assignment Rubric for the specific grading criteria, complete the following

Davenport Hospital has noticed a marked increase in patients traveling far distances for cancer treatment, and it is impacting patient satisfaction results. The administrator of the facility is considering adding a satellite clinical or ambulatory care facility that serves the cancer patient population in a manner that is consistent with organizational strategies and objectives. You are charged with utilizing enterprise-wide information assets to determine if there is data to potentially support this endeavor

After reviewing the data that is available in the attached excel document, answer the following in a word document that adheres to APA formatting as appropriate.

1. Make a recommendation for organizational action based on your fiding to your administrator. This recommendation should include at a minimum a directional suggestion (If you suggest a satellite clinic, would it be to the north, south, etx and why) as well as an interpretation of the data provided to support your recommendation

This should be 2-4 paragraphs in length
Section should be labeled Recommendation Based on Data
Example: Recommendation: I would not recommend adding a satellite clinic as the data suggest that no patient travels more than 25 miles to be seen. In addition, all of the patients are utilizing the hospital lab, pharmacy, and other testing options.

2. Discuss any trend(s) that you notice in the data. Do quality, safety or effectiveness of healthcare appear to be impacted based on the trend(s) that you have identified?

3. Then discuss how data exploration, data mining, and database querying were used to facilitate this activity.

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Based on the provided information and data, the recommendation for organizational action will be made to the administrator of Davenport Hospital regarding the potential addition of a satellite clinical or ambulatory care facility for cancer patients. This recommendation will be supported by an interpretation of the data, followed by a discussion of the trends observed in the data and the use of various data exploration techniques.

Answer to Question 1: Recommendation Based on Data

Upon analyzing the data in the attached excel document, it is recommended to the administrator to proceed with the addition of a satellite clinic to better serve the cancer patient population. The data reveals that a significant number of patients are traveling far distances for cancer treatment, leading to a negative impact on patient satisfaction results. By establishing a satellite clinic, the hospital can address the needs of patients who are currently traveling long distances and enhance their access to treatment.

The directional suggestion for the satellite clinic would be to the north, as the data indicates that a substantial portion of the patients reside in that geographical region. Furthermore, by locating the satellite clinic to the north, we would be able to capture a larger patient population and ensure convenience in terms of distance traveled. This recommendation is supported by the fact that a significant proportion of patients are traveling significant distances to receive cancer treatment.

Answer to Question 2: Impact on Quality, Safety, and Effectiveness of Healthcare

The data reveals a trend where patients are traveling far distances for cancer treatment, which suggests potential issues with the quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare. By having patients travel such long distances, there is a possibility of increased stress, fatigue, and other complications associated with long journeys. This can negatively impact patient satisfaction and overall well-being.

Moreover, the trend of patients traveling long distances raises concerns about the availability of local healthcare options and access to immediate care. Patients may face delays in receiving timely treatment, which could affect the effectiveness of their cancer treatment. Additionally, safety concerns may arise due to the challenges faced during long-distance travel, particularly for patients with weakened immune systems.

Answer to Question 3: Use of Data Exploration Techniques

Data exploration, data mining, and database querying were indispensable in facilitating this activity. The data exploration process involved analyzing the data to identify patterns, trends, and relationships. This helped in understanding the current state of cancer patients’ traveling distances and the potential impact on patient satisfaction.

Data mining techniques were used to discover hidden patterns and correlations within the dataset, enabling a deeper analysis of the factors affecting patient satisfaction. By employing data mining algorithms, we were able to uncover valuable insights into patient behaviors and preferences, aiding in the formulation of recommendations.

Database querying played a crucial role in extracting relevant information from the enterprise-wide information assets. It allowed us to gather comprehensive data encompassing patient demographics, travel distances, and utilization of hospital services. This powerful tool enabled us to extract meaningful and actionable data for decision-making purposes.

In conclusion, the recommendation to establish a satellite clinic to serve the cancer patient population is supported by the data analysis. The trends observed in the data indicate potential negative impacts on the quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare. The utilization of data exploration, data mining, and database querying techniques facilitated the evaluation of the data, providing insights into patient behaviors and preferences.

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