Competency 1: Analyze the methodology used in scientific research. Identify

  • Competency 1: Analyze the methodology used in scientific research.
    • Identify the study sample in the chosen research.
    • Identify the methodology used in the chosen research. 
  • Competency 2: Evaluate the characteristics, purposes, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses of research methods.
    • Identify the main themes in the chosen research. 
    • Identify the research question or questions in the chosen research.
    • Describe the theoretical framework of the chosen research study.
    • Describe the findings in the chosen research. 
  • Competency 6: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with the expectations for members in the identified field of study.
    • Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with the expectations for members of an identified field of study, using APA style and formatting. 

Articles for the Weeks 3 & 6 Assignments

Posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2022 9:47:33 AM CDT

Articles for the Week 3 and Week 6 Assignments

Each of the assigned articles for the Weeks 3 and 6 assignments are downloadable in our course newsletter linked in the announcement from July 9, 2022. You will need to search the library for the formal hyperlinks necessary for the accurate APA style references that you will create for each article for the reference list, with the exception of the Kiebler and Steward (2021) article which is only available via the download provided in the course newsletter. For that article, you will include the DOI number, but not a hyperlink.

We suggest you read the “sample” article first and then look at how we “dissected” it in the template provided in the assignment area. Then, please read each article below to find the content required for the research matrix template.

Sample Article (Nin & Keeton, 2019)

Article Title: Challenges and realizations of first-generation students who navigated through transfer momentum points

Authors: Nin & Keeton

Year of Publication: 2019 

Article 1 (Capannola & Johnson, 2022)

Article Title: On being the first: The role of family in the experiences of first-generation college students

Authors (last names): Capannola & Johnson

Year of Publication: 2022

Article 2 (Garvey et al., 2020)

Article Title: Where I sleep: The relationship with residential environments and first-generation belongingness

Authors (last names): Garvey, Ballysingh, Dow, Howard, Ingram, & Carlson

Year of Publication: 2020

Article 3 (Kiebler & Stewart, 2021)

Article Title: Student experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives from first-generation/lower-income students and others

Authors (last names): Kiebler & Steward

Year of Publication: 2021 

Article 4 (Almeida et al., 2021)

Article Title: How relevant is grit? The importance of social capital in first-generation college students’ academic success

Authors (last names): Almeida, Byrne, Smith, & Ruiz

Year of Publication: 2021

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