Book report-Richard Thaler: Misbehaving: The Making of Behavior Economics

 Read Richard Thaler: Misbehaving: The Making of Behavior Economics and write 10 pages book report paper. The book report will represent 25% of the final grade. •The book reports are to be no more than 12pages and no less than 10pages •Title each section. •Double-spaced, 12-point font. •Footnote or endnote all references except the primary text (use MLA or Standard format). •Number all pages (Last Name #). •Papers must be of acceptable business quality in terms of grammar, spelling and print quality. •The book report will be graded for demonstrated understanding of the text and adherence to the outlined structure above. •Book report grading will be based on the outline on the previous page. The book report should demonstrate the student has read and can report on the entire book, identify the main theme and expand on a main topic of interest. Book Report Outline I. Introduction (1-2Sentences)(10%) a. Text b. Main concept II. Author (2-3Page)(20%) a. Who they are, when they lived, why they wrote, personal issues of interest b. The author’s contributions to the study of economics c. Information about the author’s contribution to society, politics, religion, etc. III. Main Body Concepts (6-8Page)(50%) a. State the main concepts of the text b. Briefly but completely summarize the major text subjects and arguments c. Detail the main supporting arguments for the main concept d. Highlight an important or main topic of the text e. Describe the benefits, results & effects of the theme IV. Conclusion (2-3 Pages) (20%) a. Summarize the main concept b. Relate a current event to the Author’s theme c. Express your personal opinion of the author’s concept

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